Somewhere on a fishing boat

It's the middle of the day, the sun is high and the heat of a late summer day feels warm on my skin. I am sitting on the terrace of a small cafe next to the ocean, a glass of çay infront me and the smell of salt water in the air, when I hear a shout coming from the sea. In my ears it sounds like "Balıklar" meaning "Fish". I see a group of men on a small boat near the rocky shore. They are surrounded by dozens of seagulls, as their boat slowly approaches the harbour. 

"Balıklar, Balıklar!" Every day, twice a day these fishermen sell their freshly caught fish right off the boat, while its still alive. You can see swarms of people and children making their way towards them, wanting to claim a batch of fresh fish for their own. I quickly pay for my çay and leave the cafe. As I am reaching the boat I unpack my camera and try to capture the scene that is so typical for this small turkish town called Çınarcık.

With a move that seems like they have been doing this for ages, the fisherman fill plastic bags with fresh fish and serve them over the edge of the boat to the people waiting on the other side. 1 bag equals approximately 3 kgs and costs 10TL, which is about 3€.

Throughout the day I ever so often see people juggling a bag of fresh fish in their hand. I can't help it but smile and think of those men somewhere on a fishing boat.